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Introducing our first Panel Discussions with mobile filmmakers! Register (free) on The Quad to connect with all our panelists!

Join us on The Quad after the premier of each panel to discuss any questions and share your thoughts. Membership on The Quad is free and gives you a platform to collaborate and make new friends in the mobile filmmaking community exclusively about smartphone film and video topics.

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Part One Full panel: Mobile Filmmaking and Storytelling

PART ONE Premiered free Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Smartphone Filmmaking and Storytelling Part One:

Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes total, available in three episodes (free) no ads.

On November 7, 2020 we recorded Part One of a two-part panel discussion with smartphone filmmakers to inspire people who are starting out in mobile filmmaking.

Hosted by Susy Botello and presented by S. Botello Productions™ in San Diego, California. We had a compelling chat during both panels. Panelists are members of The Quad. Register free and click on their names to connect.

Panelists in Part One are Levi Austin Morris in Los Angeles, California; Inga Vosk in St. Petersburg, Russia; Kate Heffernan in Sydney, Australia; Ryan McDonald in Ogden, Utah; and Oliver Richards in Cork, Ireland.

UPDATE: You can now stream the entire panel in three parts without ads if you are subscribed with a paid membership to the Smartphone Filmmaking publication on Substack.

Watch a Preview Or Click the button below.

Part Two Full panels: Mobile Filmmaking and Storytelling

Part Two premiered free on January 14, 2021

Duration: 1 hour total

Panel two will be available soon!

There was a Q&A Panel following the premier. Click here!

The panel was hosted by Susy Botello with guest host Aaron Nabus in San Diego, California.

Panelists for Part Two are Alexandra Guillossou in St. Louis, Missouri; Brandie Rich in Ogden, Utah; Steven Palmer Peterson in Glendale, California; and Ross Perkins in Sydney, Australia.

The second panel will be available to watch soon without ads for paid subscribers on Smartphone Filmmaking.

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