What is “Mobile Film Stories”?

S. Botello Productions™ is pleased to present Mobile Film Stories (“MFS”), a streaming video service dedicated exclusively to distributing and showcasing films (and other video content) that have been captured using smartphone camera technology. Only films or videos with content that has been captured predominately on smartphones will be eligible for distribution on the service.

To complement MFS’s streaming video service, we have also created an online meeting place where filmmakers and audiences can discuss the art and craft of smartphone filmmaking – our smartphone discussion “Quad.” The Quad will allow a growing international community of smartphone filmmakers and their audiences to exchange ideas, assess new technologies, seek collaborators on future projects, and learn from more experienced filmmakers. Our hope is that the Quad will become the meeting place for smartphone filmmakers from around the United States and the world.

MFS can bring together, in one place, the emerging community of filmmakers dedicated to the art and craft of telling stories using their smartphones. By creating a single online portal dedicated to finding and distributing films from around the world captured with smartphones we hope to bring attention to the skills and technology within this community to a much wider audience than film festivals alone.

Why did we create Mobile Film Stories?

In addition to building a creative, online community for smartphone filmmakers, MFS has also created a way for filmmakers to generate revenue from their craft by offering their films to pay-per-view audiences. Films presented on MobileFilmStories.com will offer filmmakers the opportunity to extend the shelf-life of their films beyond their traditional film festival presentations, giving their films time to find a national and international audience in an accessible distribution environment.

MobileFilmStories.com will showcase a broad collection of film and video storytelling content coming from smartphone film producers around the world. The scope of filmmaking – from cinema-style feature films to quirky, experimental short films, will highlight the talents and skills of established and emerging filmmakers who use smartphones to tell their stories. 

MFS will not forget the mobile cinema audience. Through the site we will give viewers an inside look at this new, emerging art form and demonstrate that smartphones are making video storytelling more accessible than ever before to people of all ages and skill levels from anywhere in the world.


What can I watch on MobileFilmStories.com?

MobileFilmStories.com offers a broad collection of film and video storytelling content coming from smartphone film producers around the world. From cinema style feature films to quirky and experimental short films, MFS will showcase the work of established and emerging filmmakers using the smartphone medium to tell their stories. 

MFS also gives viewers an inside look at this new, emerging art form that makes storytelling more accessible than ever to people of all ages and skill levels. It gives aspiring filmmakers from around the world access to the leading edge of smartphone filmmaking. 


How does MobileFilmStories.com work?

Any film or video shot predominately on a smartphone (and only on smartphones) can be submitted to MFS for possible distribution. All films accepted for distribution must meet our published guidelines (See “Film Acceptance Guidelines”). All submissions must include a non-refundable, Evaluation Fee, as noted below. This fee covers our time and effort to communicate with you, to assure that the film meets our distribution standards, and to process the film for our distribution system.

MFS Evaluation Rate Schedule:

                        Films less than 20 minutes          $25

                        Films from 20-40 minutes            $50

                        Films longer than 40 minutes      $75

Once the film has been accepted for distribution by MFS, MFS will offer the filmmaker a non-exclusive distribution agreement for a period of 6 months, renewable by mutual consent at no cost to the filmmaker as long as the film attracts a minimum of 500 PPVs within each 6-month period. During these distribution periods MFS will:

Make the film available behind our MFS paywall according to the following fee schedule:

a. Films less than 10 minutes           $1.00

b. Films from 10 – 40 minutes         $1.99

c. Films longer than 40                      $2.99

Proceeds from any and all pay-per-view activity will be split 50%/50% with the filmmaker, net of our direct costs of distribution. Presently, that revenue distribution would equal the following per paid view:

a. Films less than 10 minutes                 $0.27/each

b. Films from 10 – 40 minutes         $0.72/each

c. Films longer than 40 minutes            $1.17/each

Films must reach the 500 PPV minimum to receive a base payment per 6 months window:

a. Films less than 10 minutes        $135+

b. Films from 10 – 40 minutes        $360+

c. Films longer than 40 minutes         $585+

Views above the 500 PPV minimum will be paid at the per view rate cited above. To minimize our financial accounting costs MFS will distribute earnings to filmmakers every 6 months from the date the film is first available on the service.

MFS will distribute any earned revenue to the filmmaker via PayPal, within 30 days of the end on any applicable 6-month window. Films that reach the 500 PPV level can remain on the service for the next 6 months under the same terms as above.

Should a film not reach the 500 PPV minimum within the 6-month distribution window, the filmmaker will have two options:

  1. The filmmaker can withdraw the film from distribution, or
  2. The filmmaker can pay MFS a maintenance fee for keeping the film in circulation as noted below:

a. Films under 40 minutes         $5.00/month

b. Films over 40 minutes         $10.00/month

In this latter case Mobile Film Stories will continue to make the film available on the service to viewers until the film is withdrawn by the filmmaker or if MFS, at its sole discretion, chooses to remove the film from the service. 

At the end of the one-year agreement, MFS and the filmmaker can extend by mutual consent our agreement for sequential 6-month periods, under the guidelines cited above.

How do I submit a film?

Fill out all required information about your film on the MFS website contact form and briefly describe the film, the circumstances of its production, and identify key participants in that production. MFS will contact you to discuss the production, and if it meets our preliminary eligibility criteria, MFS will send you our formal Film Submission Form (which will be sent to you), which must be completed in full and returned to MFS along with your non-refundable Evaluation Fee. If we accept the film for distribution, you will be given instructions as to how to upload the film, and other details relevant to our distribution service.

The film will be placed on our streaming service as soon as practical and the first 6-month distribution window will commence under the terms of our underlying agreement.

In Closing

We are creating this service to expand the opportunities for smartphone filmmakers to advance their craft in a nurturing environment of fellow filmmakers and interested audiences. We have attempted to make this service as lean and affordable as possible within the distribution/streaming service world designed for far better capitalized businesses. Our fees are designed to be affordable while we deliver a creditable, professional service. All ideas for expanding and improving MFS are welcomed.

What is your privacy policy?

You may read our website privacy and terms policy here.

Film Acceptance Guidelines

  • Films must be at least one minute in length
  • Films must not exceed the appropriate length for full feature length films (i.e., 120 minutes +/-).
  • Films must be shot predominately with smartphone cameras
  • Films can only have a very limited percentage of “necessary” footage with drones or other cameras and then only if the footage cannot be captured with smartphones
  • All films must be shot in wide format (Horizontal, not vertical).
  • You must document that all licensing for branded content and music, audio, talent has been secured. 
  • Audio and video quality levels must be meet basic film standards, as determined solely by MFS.
  • All films must adhere to generally accepted community standards. We reserve the right to reject any film for content that does not meet our interpretation of these standards.

You will be asked to sign an agreement that makes you or your production entity solely responsible for the content of the film or video, and release MFS of any liability relating to such.

Also consider the following: 

  • Sex and nudity is not considered except on individual basis. 
  • No Porn scenes or porn films and videos, if your film is deemed as such, at our discretion, it will be disqualified. 
  • Offensive, racial or other like content will disqualify your film. 
  • Discrimination toward others is also not considered. Disturbing images may or may not be considered at our discretion. 
  • Violence or otherwise inconsiderate and dis-respectable treatment of humans or animals will disqualify your film. 
  • Audio levels must be acceptable and video quality must also be acceptable, per our discretion.
  • All licensing for branded content and music, audio, talent, etc. must be available. 
  • You will be required to sign an agreement and statement. 
  • We do not accept films and videos that infringe on the rights of others, not limited to entities, brands, artists, etc. 

We reserve the right to alter or modify these guidelines at our sole discretion.

We want to hear from mobile filmmakers!