Mobile Film Stories

Mobile Film (“MFS”) is a non-exclusive Pay-Per-View and Video On Demand video streaming online portal created by S. Botello Productions™ to (1) showcase smartphone filmmakers and their films and to (2) encourage the growth and evolution of the international smartphone story-telling community.

MFS provides smartphone filmmakers with an exclusive, online website where they can easily present and modestly monetize their films and videos to a worldwide audience. MFS will market itself within the smartphone filmmaking community and throughout the world as the easiest place online to find and view films made on smartphones.

Mobile Film Stories’ Pay-Per-View and VOD platform allows smartphone filmmakers to generate revenue from their projects while cost-effectively reaching the broadest possible worldwide audience.

Using MFS, filmmakers can extend the shelf-life of their films after they have exhausted time consuming and often costly film festival presentations. By extending NON-EXCLUSIVE access to their films on MFS, they give audiences a way to find films, filmmakers and an audience, long after they have exhausted normal distribution paths, greatly increasing their ability to reach new viewers.

Each filmmaker presenting films on MFS has the option of linking their films and videos to a personal online profile to further connect them to potential audiences.

The Quad

To complement our Pay-Per-View video streaming service, we have created, an online gathering place where filmmakers, industry peers, and their audiences can share experiences and discuss the expanding craft of smartphone filmmaking. We are calling this online gathering place “The Quad.”

The Quad enables smartphone filmmakers and their audiences an online space to support other filmmakers, exchange ideas, assess new technologies, seek collaborators, and learn from the experiences of other filmmakers.

Through the Quad we hope to replicate, to the extent possible online, the culture of personal exchange often at the heart of our film festival experience.

In summary, we hope to expand the opportunities for smartphone filmmakers to advance their craft in a nurturing environment of fellow filmmakers and interested audiences.

We expect to make this service as lean and affordable as possible within the distribution/streaming service world designed for far better capitalized businesses. Our fees are designed to be affordable while we deliver a creditable, professional service. All ideas for expanding and improving MFS are welcomed.

How Mobile Film Stories Works

MFS will distribute on its PPV platform any film(s) or video(s) shot exclusively with smartphone cameras that meets our distribution guidelines. (See “Film Acceptance Guidelines” below).

All films or videos must meet these published guidelines and pass MFS’ screening review to be accepted for distribution.

Mobile Film Stories charges a modest (one-time per film) “Evaluation Fee” to cover the cost of evaluating and processing each submission.

MFS Evaluation Rate Schedule:

                        Films less than 20 minutes          $25

                        Films from 20-40 minutes            $50

                        Films longer than 40 minutes      $75

If desired, MFS will work with any producer of a rejected film to help them meet our guidelines.

Once a film/video has been accepted for MFS’ Pay-Per-View (PPV) service, the filmmaker will be asked to execute a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the film with S. Botello Productions™ for a term of one (1) year. This agreement will automatically extend for sequential one (1) year periods, at no additional cost to the filmmaker, as long as the film attracts a minimum of 500 PPVs within a six month period.

During the agreement period MFS will offer the film to audiences for a fixed time period (TBD by MFS) through its PPV Portal according to the following rate schedule:

PPV Rate Schedule:

a. Films less than 10 minutes           $1.00

b. Films from 10 – 40 minutes         $1.99

c. Films longer than 40                      $2.99

MFS will deduct its distribution costs from PPV revenues and will then split remaining revenues equally (50% – 50%) with the filmmaker. As of December 1, 2020, estimated revenue distributed to the filmmaker per PPV (“Film Royalty”) would be as follows: 

a. Films less than 10 minutes           $0.27/each

b. Films from 10 – 40 minutes         $0.72/each

c. Films longer than 40 minutes     $1.17/each

To minimize operating costs, S.Botello Productions™ will establish unique reporting and payment procedures with each filmmaker on a case-by-case basis. All Payments will be made via PayPal or through another mutually agreed upon vendor.

Should a film not attract 500 paid PPV purchases within a six-month period, the filmmaker will have two options:

a. The Filmmaker can widhdraw the film from distribution and MFS will permanently remove the film from its platform,

b. The filmmaker can move the film to “Archive Status”

In Archive status the film will continue to be offered through MFS’ PPV Portal and accrue PPV revenue as noted above. However, MFS will charge a monthly “Archive Fee” to offset the costs of server operations and site associated operating expenses for films not reaching our 6-month 500 PPV goal.

Mobile Film Stories Archive Status Fees:

1. Films under 40 minutes         $5.00/month

2. Films over 40 minutes         $10.00/month

The monthly Archive Fee will be billed to the filmmaker monthly for the next six months at which point we will review paid views and if they meet 500 paid views, we will remove the film from archive status for the following 6 months. 

How do I submit a film?

Find, complete and submit the MFS contact form found on the site.

MFS will contact you to discuss the production and our preliminary eligibility criteria for moving forward.

If the film meets our preliminary eligibility criteria, MFS will send you our formal “Film Submission Form” which must be completed in full and returned to MFS along with the non-refundable Evaluation Fee.

If the evaluated film is then accepted for MFS’ PPV service you will be asked to sign a one (1) year non-exclusive distribution agreement which must be signed and returned to MFS before the film is uploaded to our service.

Once we have received your signed agreement you will be given instructions as to how to upload the film, and other details relevant to our distribution service.

The film will be placed on our streaming service as soon as practical and the first one (1) year distribution window will commence under the terms of our underlying agreement on the first day the film is available to the public.

You may read our website privacy and terms policy here.

Film Acceptance Guidelines

  • Films must be at least one minute (60 seconds) in length.
  • Films must not exceed 120 minutes +/- as determined solely by MFS.
  • Films must be shot predominately (more than 95%) with smartphone cameras.
  • Films can have no more than 5% of its screen footage shot with drones or other non-smartphone cameras.
  • All films must be shot in wide format.
  • Audio and video quality levels must meet or exceed basic industry standards as determined solely by MFS.
  • All films must adhere to generally accepted community standards. We reserve the right to reject any film for content that does not meet our interpretation of these standards.
  • Proof of all licensing for branded content and music, audio, talent, etc. must be available for review by MFS on request.
  • Sex and nudity are forbidden except when essential to the film within generally accepted cinematic standards as determined solely by MFS.
  • No Pornography as determined solely by MFS.
  • You must sign our “Licensing and Distribution Agreement” that makes you or your production entity solely responsible for the content of the film or video and releases MFS of any liability relating to such.

We reserve the right to alter or modify these guidelines at our sole discretion.

How to Watch Pay Per View Films

When you click the “buy” button on a film you’d like to watch, you are supporting the filmmaker who will own half the revenue generated from your purchase. You are buying views to their film. Each film has a viewing period. Your purchase allows you to view the film during that time, as many times as you want. How that works is simple.

When the pop-up displays (by clicking the “buy” button) there is an option to “log in” and an option to “register”. You will need to choose register the first time you view a PPV film on the website. Save your login information and review the terms of the service.

*Note that this registration is not the same as your registration for The Quad.

Once you have registered you will be able to pay for the film. Once your payment has been accepted return to that film on our website (you may need to refresh the page) and you should see the “Play” button. At that time, you can choose to view it in the frame or you can watch it full screen. Full Screen is preferred for the best experience.

When you click “buy” on another film, you can now log in to pay for that film and then go back to the page to watch it.

Feel free to contact using the contact form on our website.

We want to hear from mobile filmmakers!