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Are you making films with your smartphone camera?

MobileFilmStories.com is a video streaming distribution community for mobile filmmakers who use their smartphone cameras to shoot their films.

How To Get Noticed As A Mobile Filmmaker with the Mobile Film Stories service.

We sponsored the 10th Anniversary of the INTERNATIONAL MOBILE FILM FESTIVAL in San Diego April 23-25, 2021. Watch the Awards Ceremony and Kick Off Presentation Videos with film highlights from the festival. Now streaming VOD!

We are working to spread the word about this community and platform. If you are a member of the Clubhouse App, follow our Mobile Film Stories Club. *You must be a Clubhouse App member and have the app installed on your phone.

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“Wow this is a game changer for those in the mobile film making community. Making a film is only half the battle. Getting it seen is even harder sometimes. This is brilliant news.” Jed Brophy, September 8, 2020 www.jedbrophy.nz

“Mobile Film Stories is an online smartphone video-streaming community uniquely created for smartphone filmmakers and their audiences.” Moondog Labs September 23, 2020 www.MoondogLabs.com

Creating films and videos with your smartphone? Mobile Film Stories is your platform dedicated to filmmakers and content creators using smartphone cameras. Watch films, stream your content, earn revenue, connect with your audience and collaborate with other mobile filmmakers in The Quad.