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Arthur Mikheev | Official Verified Member

Arthur is a filmmaker with over 12 years experience in the video industry. He began his career on television and gaming journalism. He has authored three books about filmmaking and one of them is exclusively about mobile filmmaking. He is the founder of the mobile filmmaking online school. He’s worked with companies like Samsung, Huawei, LaCie, Seagate, Apple, Amediateka (the home of HBO), and others.

Arthur began to make films and videos using his DSLR and cinema cameras about 12 years ago.

“The mobile phone is the brush of the modern artist. A device that allows you to tell amazing stories. This is a multitool that can give you the main thing – the ability to create. Thanks to mobilefilmstories.com for helping build a community of creators and inspiring them to make more.”

Arthur’s Music on Spotify | Latest Book on Amazon: Mobile video shooting. Part 2. Mobile installation, February 2023

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War is Not A Game

First Prize Winner – International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California

Written, Directed, Edited by Arthur Mikheev

Cinematography by Arthur Mikheev

Social Drama | 1:37 minutes

March 16, 2020

Moscow, Russia

Synopsis: The story is dedicated to the fact that war is a terrible event that should remain exclusively in children’s games, but not in real life.

iPhone 11 Pro

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