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Sigfrido Giammona

Director and Award-Winning Filmmaker based in Italy

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A street actor has been locked in his apartment for over a month in complete solitude. Looking out the window, he feels nostalgic for his city, Grand for the places he has always frequented for work, and affection.

He realizes, day after day, how his city is no longer the same. It has changed suddenly under the quarantine lockdown caused by the Covid-19 virus.

Film Credits: Directed by Sigfrido Giammona

Screeplay by Fabio Appetito

Actor Igor Petrotto

Audio Mix by Mara Notte

Music: “Life” by Kevin Graham / “Orbit” by Michael Vignola / “Seine River” by Loya

Shot with Huawei P20 Pro

8:29 minutes

Rome Italy

(General Audience)

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The Meeting

Sigfrido Giammona, Clara Congera

Official Selection San Diego International Mobile Film Festival April 23-25, 2021

iPhone 8

Suspended without time or place, between memory and imagination, a light breeze stirs up the words and emotions, both spoken and unspoken, that have touched us throughout our lives. In memory of Luigi Maria Burruano, actor, director, writer, poet, profoundly curious about humanity.

Key Cast: Rosario Terranova

Drama | 5:00 min.


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