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Collective Stasis by Jamiel Laurence (2020)

A Dance Film that takes a perspective on Dance, Nature and the Architecture of Glasgow urban living during the 9th week of the Isolation Lockdown of 2020.
The film is a meditation on the idea of looking at dance from the outside in, as dancers of Glasgow come to terms with their current state of inactivity, and dance creators are forced to find new ways to develop and capture their work.
Music “Glasstuck” Composed by Sonia Killmann
Filmed on mobile using the latest in Mobile Filmmaking techniques and equipment, with kind support from Moondog Labs and Zhiyun Tech.
A special thank you to all of the dancers who took part, not only in the development of the movement and filming, but also in the ongoing development of the work during the editing process.
Chris Harrison Evan Loudon Eado Turgeman Matthew Broadbent Rishan Benjamin Marge Hendrick Constant Vigier Grace Paulley Roseanna Leney Constance Devernay

iPhone 11 Pro
9:58 minutes
Glasgow, Scotland

(General Audience)

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